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Felix Exner

Traveler and Developer

I grew up in a small village in the northern west part of Germany. After my military service I moved to Berlin to study game design and programming. During my studies I decided to start my own company with some friends I met on my studies as a game designer. Together we managed to get funding for our first game and finished 'Bionic Battle Mutants' and got published on Kongregate.
Also when our game was very successful and very liked on Kongregate, the monetisation just didn’t work out so I started to work a brain training company called ‘Memorado’. There I learned a lot about gamification in education and the app development market.
Now I am traveling and working on a travel education app to give everybody the chance to travel cheap and save. The app should be ready until May 2016.



Right now I am on my Balkan and Eastern Europe trip.


During my trip I am planning to spend as little money as possible. Therefore I started to track all my expenses along my way and are happy to share that knowledge with everyone. Later on I will share my learning of how to save money with everyone on.



A photo posted by Felix Exner (@exnerfelix) on

A photo posted by Felix Exner (@exnerfelix) on



Bionic Battle Mutants - Turn Based Strategy Shooter Flash Game